Happy Halloween Hauntings Clever Costume Creating


Hey, Halloween crusaders! What are your little pumpkins going to be for Halloween? Author Suzanne Singleton has a handful of clever costume suggestions with no sewing involved! Clever Costume Creating for Halloween ($15.95; Twenty-Nine Angels Publishing; (800) 736-7729 or from amazon.com) offers an A to Z guide of 200 costume ideas for all ages that will make you itch to create a costume for your kids’ next Halloween party.

Halloween costumes can be as grandiose or primitive as you have time to make them. Sewing is not a requirement, nor do you need to spend a bag of money. Many ideas can be constructed by pulling together specific pieces of clothing, materials and props found around the house: sweats, jackets, jumpsuits, gloves, boots, uniforms, tights, boxes, foil, spray paint, cardboard, foam board, string, ribbon. If you don’t own a certain item of clothing, shop in thrift stores or scan flea markets and yard sales for low-cost costume pieces. Borrow items and props from friends.

Halloween is all about having fun and being creative. There are so many more choices to dress up your little ones other than the standard pirate, witch, clown, or devil. And most likely, when you create a clever one, your creativity will inspire the comment by other parents: “Now why didn’t I think of that?”



WEAR evening gown or tuxedo, dark glasses, fake fur coat, feather boa or top hat/cane. PROP: gold “Oscar” statue; (sibling can be a Limo Driver).



WEAR bomber jacket, scarf around neck, khaki pants, high boots, goggles, leather flight helmet (with flaps over ears). PROPS: toy airplane or glider.



WEAR round laundry basket, cut hole in bottom to fit around waist; inside place crumpled clothes, towels, socks, box of detergent (two other siblings can be a clothesline with small pieces of clothing hanging between them; birds on their heads).



WEAR green tights, shorts and turtleneck, black blazer a size too small, black shoes with large rectangular gold buckles (painted cardboard), green beard, black top hat (plastic New Year’s Eve hat) with green band and shamrocks all over, green scarf wrapped around neck. PROPS: pot of gold filled with gold-wrapped chocolate coins, poster board rainbow on a stick, or Lucky Charms cereal box


WEAR conservative dress with full skirt, pearls, white gloves, apron, high heeled pumps, pillbox hat, cardigan sweater with sweater clip closure, vintage clip earrings, hair in a bun, stiff bangs. PROPS: short-handled purse on arm, cat-eye glasses on chain.



WEAR purple or dark blue cape with felt stars and moon, black clothing, long white beard; MAKE cone hat (staple or glue stars/moon fabric to rolled poster board) or make a felt hat. PROPS: sorcerer stick, magic book. Add mouse ears to be a Mickey Mouse sorcerer.



WEAR white sarong around waist (or use a tennis skirt), gold fabric bands around wrists, sandals, white head wrap, chunky gold necklace with fake gems, bold rings, black eyeliner which extends beyond corners of eyes. Girl can wear a long, white, sleeveless and belted empire-waist dress with same accessories.



WEAR green and red apron, suspenders, tights, shorts, and red or green striped turtleneck; MAKE red and green pointy ears and hat cut from felt, or wear a Santa hat, elf shoes with bells. PROPS: bells on long ribbon around neck, candy canes, sack labeled “toys”(sibling or parent can dress up as Santa or Mrs. Claus, or toy soldier).


WEAR: Hawaiian print shirt, Bermuda shorts, sandals with white socks, straw hat, sunglasses. PROPS: camera and video camera on straps around neck, vacation pamphlets and brochures sticking out of shirt and back pockets, beachy tote bag, white sunblock on nose.