Hilary Swank to Host 2010 Fidelity Futurestage® Finale at Broadway's Imperial Theatre; Six NYC Public School Students Will Become Broadway Playwrights


Hilary Swank will host the 2010 Fidelity FutureStage Finale on June 14, when six NYC public school students will debut their winning plays and become some of Broadway's youngest playwrights.


Actress Hilary Swank

   Two-time Academy Award® winner Hilary Swank will host the 2010 Fidelity FutureStage® Finale on Monday, June 14. The gala event will be held at Broadway's Imperial Theatre in Manhattan, home of the Tony Award-winning production Billy Elliot the Musical.

   The Fidelity FutureStage Finale marks the Broadway debut of six student-written plays, showcasing the work of more than 1,000 NYC area students who participated in the 2010 Fidelity FutureStage theater education program and playwriting contest, a joint city-wide initiative of Fidelity and Billy Elliot the Musical to encourage young people throughout the NYC metro area to express their creativity through playwriting. 

   Five of the 10-minute, one-act plays to be featured on June 14 were selected from among the 10 New York City middle and high schools participating in the year-long Fidelity FutureStage school program. These five plays are cast with students from their respective schools. The sixth play included in the finale is the winner of the second annual Fidelity FutureStage Playwriting Contest. All of the plays represent themes found within Billy Elliot the Musical, including pursuing a dream, discovering a special talent, or overcoming an obstacle. 

   While all six of these student playwrights will soon get to list 'Broadway Playwright' on their resumes, Luis Ramierez, an 11-year-old sixth grader at Philippa Schuyler JHS 383 in Brooklyn, will soon to get to call himself the youngest playwright on Broadway.


Below is a summary of the six plays to be featured in the finale:




  • Luis Ramirez - Age 11, Grade 6 - Philippa Schuyler JHS 383 (Brooklyn)

The Basketball Team is a play about friendship, teamwork and learning that sometimes the sum of parts is bigger than the parts alone. Five friends come together to form their school's first official basketball team, learning the meaning of "team' along the way.


  • Krystal Thomas - Age 17, Grade 11 - Fordham High School for the Arts (Bronx)

For the Love of Art is the story about a young girl who uses her own body as a canvas to express her passion for art, with tattoos all over her body.  This is a powerful play about the nature of art and how it functions in the life of an isolated person.


  • Nathalie Torrenegra - Age 18, Grade 12 - Gramercy Arts High School (Manhattan)

Weapons of Mass Distraction stars Brooke, a smart young girl who is continuously distracted by drama and conflict with her boyfriend, her recently remarried mom and especially new stepsister Donna. Sharing a bedroom puts the girls at major odds.


  • Nasaun Lineszy - Age 18, Grade 12 - Hillcrest High School (Queens)

Beautiful Karma is a story reminiscent of "A Christmas Carol." Felix, a grumpy millionaire, dismisses a homeless paper boy seeking shelter during a blizzard. When Felix falls asleep that night, he is sent back to the Great Depression where he experiences poverty, hardship and kindness.  He returns to the present a changed man.


  • Kathleen Rogers - Age 17, Grade 12 - Frank Sinatra School of the Arts (Queens)

Lunch - The contents of Billy's lunchbox come to life, sharing tales with young apple 'Little Red' about how they came to be Billy's mid-day fare. Anticipating mealtime, the animated food-stuffs teach each other to live for the moment... and then Billy shows up...


  • Katarzyna (Kathy) Roszczeda* - Age 17, Grade 12 - Frank Sinatra School of the Arts (Queens)

Navy Blue Tiles is a story about lost love - and efforts to regain it. Veteran Vincent returns home to find his ex-love Sophie, now the owner of a bakery where they first fell in love. She's remodeled the whole place, save for a single navy blue tile which reminds her of Vincent - and her hurt feelings that he left her years ago.  She tells him she's moved on... but has she?  

*Winner of the 2010 Fidelity FutureStage Playwriting Contest


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