How Parents Can Deal with Young Children's Separation Anxiety at Camp: Advice from Brooklyn Camp Directors


When it comes to raising your kids, you want the best advice out there, which is why we turned to the experts.

Will this summer be your little one's first camp experience? His first time away from home and his family? Prepare for separation anxiety at camp by reading the advice we've compiled from some of Brooklyn's experienced camp and summer program directors.

"How should parents deal with young children's separation anxiety?"


"Encourage children by reminding them that they will have a positive experience, a wonderful summer, enriching creative activities, and make new friends from other schools and even from other states and countries."

-Steve Radlow, Director, Brooklyn College Continuing Education, Brooklyn


"Parents should talk in generalities about how much fun they had doing some of the things that their children will do. Make sure to be upbeat and positive. Also, an experienced program staff can help make the transition easier."

-Jack Grosbard, Owner, Mill Basin Day Camp, Brooklyn



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