How To Throw a Festive Halloween Party for Kids and Adults

How To Throw a Festive Halloween Party for Kids and Adults


Most kids are anxiously awaiting to wear their costumes out trick-or-treating on Halloween night, but why not create another opportunity for your little pumpkins to dress-up again. Throw a Halloween party and invite the neighborhood to enjoy fun decorations, tasty treats and cocktails, and of course, candy. Read on for tips to make your Halloween bash a success. 

This Halloween, conjure up some creativity and spice up your ghoulish gatherings. From homemade invitations to candy pumpkins, there is no limit to creepy crafting ideas for Halloween. These spooktacular suggestions can be fun for the whole family-even the youngest ghosts and goblins!

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Party Halloween Style

  • Trade-and-Treat. After an evening of trick-or-treating, consider hosting a "trade-and-treat" party.

Invite the kids in the neighborhood over for a sweet-swap-meet to show off their costumes and
barter for their favorite goodies. The party offers a great opportunity to bring the neighborhood
together and can be a fun gathering for kids and adults.

  • Halloween Hors d'oeuvres. Be creative with snacks at your Halloween parties by serving fresh

veggies using a hollowed-out pumpkin as a bowl. Cut of the top in a jagged design and clean out
the center. Use mini-pumpkins as votive candle holders or for serving devilish dips.

  • Candy Cocktails. Adults love Halloween too! Planning a Halloween gala for the grown-ups?

Add a little Halloween flair and spice up cocktails with a piece of candy for fun and new flavors.
Try strawberry-flavored candies with margaritas and sparkling drinks. Or chocolate to sweeten a
chilled martini. Drop a plastic spider or candy gummy worm in the glass to really capture the
Halloween spirit!

  • Candy-coated Invitations. For your Halloween party, sweeten your standard invitation by using candy. Decorate each invitation with candy corn, candy pumpkins, and lollipops to add a bit of Halloween flavor.

Crafty Candy Creations

  • The Candy Centerpiece. Add dazzle to your dining room with a Halloween-themed candy center

piece. Pick candies that compliment one another by choosing a color or texture theme. Use
candy corn to remind the family of the autumn season and incorporate a variety of other
family favorites.

  • The Candy Pumpkin. Forget old pumpkin decorating! This year, why not try decorating your

pumpkin with candy? Take a ceramic or plastic pumpkin from your local craft store and fill and
decorate it with your favorite confections or decorate the outside with licorice, candy corn, gum,
and chocolate. It can make for a great centerpiece (and snack!) at work or home. Candy pumpkins
serve as great centerpieces and smaller pumpkins can be used as party favors or place holders at
Halloween celebrations.

  • Halloween Candy Masks. Mask-making is a great activity for any Halloween party and the masks themselves make great party favors. All you need are paper plates, wooden sticks, glue, and a variety of colorful candies. Once you've attached the plates to wooden sticks and made holes for each child's eyes and mouth, let their candy-creativity flow!

Article courtesy of the National Confectioners Association.

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