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Learn to Play Limbo

Here are the rules of Limbo for playing with 3 or more players.

Learn the rules to for a classic Limbo contest from 175 Best Camp Games! When you play limbo, kids in a group of three or more can have hours of fun taking turns under the limbo stick as they listen to their favorite music.

Limbo Contest

PLAYERS: 3 or more

EQUIPMENT: Music and player; a long stick

GAME PLAN: Find out how low you can go … and then try to go lower!



  • Have two players or leaders hold either end of a stick horizontally at about the average shoulder height of the participants. Players line up behind the stick and, one at a time, lean backwards and dance under the limbo stick. If they fall, touch the ground with anything other than their feet, or touch the stick, they’re considered out.
  • After all participants have had an opportunity to try the stick at that height, lower the limbo stick and everyone who made it the first time gets to go again. The stick is lowered by a little after each round. The winner is the player still able to pass under the stick when no other player can make it under without touching the limbo stick or falling.
  • Limbo is often played in large groups, and so we recommend having a second game running for players who are eliminated, so they don’t have to just be observers.



If you have players who are really young or not steady on their feet, you can let them crabwalk under.

To make the game more challenging, play it on ice or on roller skates.


175 Best Camp Games by Kathleen, Laura, and Mary Fraser is available via Amazon.

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