How to Teach Teeth Brushing Basics to Young Children: Advice from Dental Experts in Fairfield County, CT


Advice from the Dental Experts in Fairfield County, CT:

What is the best way to teach dental hygiene and habits to toddlers and young children?

"Parents should assist and supervise brushing until their children can tie their own shoelaces. Oral hygiene has to be taught to each child."

-Michael Wolfman, DMD, of Dentistry for Children in Norwalk

"Children's health care, including oral, is all about prevention.  Brushing should start as soon as the teeth have erupted.  Parents should be doing the brushing and flossing for their children until they can do it alone in a proper manner."

-Lee Suho, DDS, of Toothfairy Pediatric Dentistry in Ridgefield

"Let them have fun toothbrushes and their own toothpaste, and a children's brushing timer is also a great way to make it a game and get them to brush long enough."

-Robert Emilio, DDS, of Family Dentistry in Norwalk

"The most important thing is to start early, even before they have teeth. After the child eats, wipe out the mouth; it makes it less of a challenge when they get older."

-Lawrence I. Lipton, DMD, of Children's Dental Associates in Fairfield

"Begin brushing your child's teeth as soon as the first tooth erupts and continue until he is able to brush on his own. Proper diet and hygiene will lead to healthy teeth and gums that will last a lifetime."

-Gregory Mokotoff, DMD, of Kids First Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics in Fairfield

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