On The Blogroll: Ivy League Insecurities

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Blogging From: Manhattan

Aidan Donnelly Rowley, writer, wife, and mother of three little girls, is the creator of the perfect blog for any intelligent mother out there looking for someone to relate to. Aiden works hard to balance life with her children and finding time to work on her second novel, and her posts on Ivy League Insecurities reflect the stresses and wonders of her life. Aidan not only writes about your run-of-the-mill mom subjects, she shares her stories of giving up alcohol for a year, losing her father to cancer, and living life in New York City.

Aidan’s impressive education from Yale University and Columbia Law School comes through quite clearly in her posts, offering like-minded mom’s a thought provoking and relatable blog to keep up with. Heavily decorated with photographs taken by Aidan herself, the blog is personal and well thought out, giving the readers the feeling that they are reading a private journal instead of a public blog. Aidan writes about her many journeys through motherhood, writing her books, and her goal of not drinking for a whole year, giving any potential reader a subject to relate to on some level.