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Karma Kids Yoga Lets Adults Join In

Karma Kids Yoga has opened a second location and begun to offer adult yoga classes.

Karma Kids Yoga opens a new studio and offers adult yoga classes.

After nine successful years as a kids-only yoga studio, Karma Kids Yoga has both opened a second location and begun to offer adult yoga classes. The new space, called the Peace In Studio, is right next door to the original Magical Studio and will allow for more classes and more options.

Some of the new classes include adults-only yoga, an addition that many parents have been asking about for years. Founder and director Shari Vilchez-Blatt says that in the past she has recommended other studios but is now excited to offer the class herself. “We are often the only yoga experience our parents have witnessed,” Vilchez-Blatt explains. “They aren’t necessarily yoga practitioners, but we pique their interest.”

Vilchez-Blatt says she aims to offer an environment that is unintimidating and welcoming to all parents, both male and female. One of the new classes is called “Abs”olutely Yoga, a core-focused flow class designed to “give moms—or dads!—their pre-baby bodies, whether they’d had their baby 10 weeks ago or 10 years ago.” The studio has also added additional prenatal classes and prenatal Pilates, led by prenatal yoga director Julianna Secches, and an adult restorative yoga class designed to allow parents to chill out and de-stress.

Vilchez-Blatt encourages everyone to try yoga, specifying an increase in confidence and self-esteem as well as an understanding of one’s own body as some of the most rewarding benefits.

Adult classes will not be offered in conjunction with kids’ classes, but will take place when kids are in school and at typical lunch-hour times. “We’re trying to do all different kinds of times,” Vilchez-Blatt says, “because we really want to try to accommodate everyone.”

Karma Kids Yoga is located at 102 and 104 West 14th Street.

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