Professional Lice Removal Services in Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens

Professional Lice Removal Services in Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens

Find a clinician in NYC to get rid of your child's head lice

Whether your child is starting camp, coming home from camp, or getting ready to start school, you'll want to get her checked for head lice—even if you don’t think your child is showing symptoms of having head lice. The biggest sign that your child might have head lice is if he’s itching his head a lot (that itching is an allergic reaction to the lice’s saliva). When you’re ready to get your child checked for head lice, visit a head lice removal specialist in Manhattan, Brooklyn, or Queens. Professionals are able to diagnose head lice and use specific techniques to rid your child of the bugs. (Trying to remove head lice at home is a very tedious process and may not be 100-percent effective at removing bugs, nits, and eggs.) These NYC head lice specialists can advise you on what cleaning measures to take at home, but the most important thing to remember is to reassure your child that she’s not dirty. In fact, head lice love clean hair! So if you’re worried about lice, visit a lice removal specialist in Brooklyn, Manhattan, or Queens.

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Lice affects 12 million Americans every year and is rarely spoken about. Fairy LiceMothers strives to eliminate the negative stigma. Every client is educated on the real facts. Our treatment centers are kid-friendly, equipped with flat screen TV’s and other goodies. Products are 100 percent non-toxic and treatments include two free re-checks. Whether or not you use our service, we are here to help you. Located in Oceanside, Deer Park, and Glen Head; open seven days a week. Covered under Flexible Health Spending and may be covered under medical insurance.

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We remove lice in just one hour! All lice and eggs-even Super Lice-are eliminated in a single, one-hour treatment. Our treatments are affordable, starting at $99, and never more than $199. Gentle heated air treatment, no toxic chemicals! Call us 24/7. Appointments available seven days-a-week; we can even handle your after-hours emergency!

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Head lice infestations can be traumatic for families. At Lice Tamers our goal is to make the experience of having lice as stress-free as possible. Owned and operated by a medical professional, Lice Tamers offers same-day lice treatment and head checks at our comfortable, child-friendly treatment center or in the comfort of your home. All of our products are safe and non-toxic. We are dedicated to dispelling the myths surrounding head lice and offer free presentations to schools and camps. Call us today to learn more!