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These lice removal specialists serve families in the Westchester County and Rockland County, New York, area.

Happyheads Services, LLC
Pleasantville, NY

When Melissa Gordon's then 5-year-old twins brought home lice and passed it on to her, she frantically used over-the-counter pesticides to treat the infestation. After the lice returned and she realized how harmful the products she used could be, she decided to create a better product. She experimented with essential oils and after consulting and working with some labs, she launched her brand of all-natural products that use ingredients like peppermint and tea tree oils, lemongrass, and enzymes that kill lice on contact. She offers a family kit for $60 packed with a comb and enough products for a family of four, plus a line of prevention products for under $20. Although Gordon provides occasional in-home removal services for $100 per hour, her main focus is on the products for people who don't want or can't afford professional removal services.

Larger Than Lice
New York metro area

With in-home services offered seven days a week, Larger Than Lice offers head checks for $35 (fee is waived if lice is detected and treatment service is provided) and lice removal services using all-natural products. Lice removal ranges in price from $150 to $250 depending on hair length. To set up an appointment, visit: or call to speak with an expert.

The Lice Lady of Westchester
White Plains, NY

Working mainly out of her home-based salon, Anna Albano Krosche is available by appointment seven days a week including nights and weekends because, as she says, "lice is always an emergency." The Lice Lady proudly uses Happyheads products(see above), and hasn't had a repeat customer in three-and-a-half years. Her process includes a magnifying lamp check, a shampoo and rinse, conditioner treatment, comb-through, blow-dry, and re-check for everyone in the family who has lice. Her services start at $75 per hour for salon visits; house calls are provided for an additional charge. Read the Lice Lady's primer "Head Lice 101" as well as customer testimonials on her website.

Lice Off, Inc.
Dobbs Ferry

Fifteen years ago, Dale Longworth's daughter had lice six times in three months because she had not been properly educated on how to treat the infestations. Since then, Longworth did her homework and in 1997 opened up a salon with a focus on educating the masses about what she hadn't known. As the Lice Expert of Dobbs Ferry and Westchester, Longworth perfected her own method of lice removal, which includes "go-green" products such as all-natural shampoo, thick conditioner, white vinegar, and baking soda. During the 1-3 hour process of washing, drying, and combing, kids are kept entertained with lollipops, TV, and the occasional sing-along with Longworth and her assistants. Services start at $70 per hour in the salon and $100 per hour for home or travel-required services. In a recommended one-week follow-up, visual lice checks under the magnification lamp start at $20 and comb-outs at $35 depending on length and thickness of the hair. Besides the full list of services, the website touts some adorable "thank you" pictures from lice-free kids.

The Lice Patrol
Westchester and Rockland Counties
914-666-LICE (5423)

With three kids getting lice a total of nine times, Barbara Gips had plenty of practice in developing a thorough lice removal strategy. Gips works seven days a week including evenings and weekends and travels to customers' homes. Her services cost $125 for the first hour and $100 for every additional hour, everything included. While she works meticulously to rid the customer of the lice, she educates people on the many myths and misinformation about head lice. Gips also offers free advice and makes presentations to local schools. 


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