Look Cute as a Pumpkin in Jessie Steele's Seasonal Apron


Catch the spirit of the Halloween when you don this pumpkin apron designed by Jessie Steele, the perfect clothing complement to fall activities like pumpkin carving with the kids and cooking up an autumn-inspired feast (or at least looking like you did!).

pumpkin apron Jessie Steele

Candy's the thing around Halloween, but we like to think pumpkins and nutmeg and other flavors of the season make their way into your kitchen, too, this time of year. So as autumn ushers in pumpkin-picking with your family at one of the many u-pick patches in our area, why not lug a few pumpkins home -- and after you help the kids carve one up as a jack o'lantern, you can don this sexy Marilyn-style apron from Jessie Steele and whip up pumpkin pancakes with chocolate filling, or some other luscious creation.

The Jessie Steele Pumpkin Apron can be worn as a full apron or easily buttoned off to a half pumpkin apron. If you're not the cooking type, stop by the local bakery for a pie, but make this your go-to topper for doling out treats to the trick-or-treaters who visit -- the front pocket is perfect for stashing candy.

It's 100% cotton and a timeless design ($32; www.jessiesteele.com)