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Mill's Trills 9th Annual Winter Bash Invites You to Become a Songwriter

Mill's Trills 9th Annual Winter Bash Invites You to Become a Songwriter

Mill's Trills 9th Annual Winter Bash celebrates shared creative play through live music and improvised songs.

Recognized as a 2018-2019 Jubilation Foundation Fellow for her excellence in bringing joy to children, Amelia Robinson unites Brooklyn communities once again in this year’s annual celebration of live music and art-making at the Mill’s Trills 9th Annual Winter Bash. The event will feature a full band performance as well as a recital of budding young songwriters ages 7-9 years who will be playing original songs and improvised tunes created on the spot with the audience. The event will take place on Sunday, Jan. 27, 2019 from 3-4pm at ShapeShifter Lab in Gowanus.

Following the success of Mill’s Trills’ third album Ridiculous Nonsense. which was awarded a Parents’ Choice Gold Award, broadcast heavily on Sirius XM’s Kids Place Live!, and featured on Target’s Back-To-School Podcast Coffee and Crayons, band leader Amelia Robinson has dug her heels deeper into her mission to highlight the voice of young creators by offering them the spotlight at her show. She encourages kids to trust instincts and take risks by using musical improvisation as a metaphor to confront uncertainty that life brings.

Incorporating improvised songwriting into her live show, Amelia shifts audience attention away from the expectation of a finished product and towards the value of process through creative play. Her approach turns mistakes into helpful surprises and reveals failure as an essential part of the learning process which she believes positively reinforces a more “authentic representation of real life”. This shared music making experience is an opportunity to deepen relationships with one’s self and others, combat spikes in childhood stress and anxiety, and cultivate a generation of mindful critical thinkers.

The Mill’s Trills 9th Annual Bash offer audiences a chance to be transformed by the insight of young minds and become songwriters of their very own alongside neighbors, families and friends. A yoga warmup will be presented by Bend and Bloom. All families are welcome and the event is suitable for all ages and abilities. No previous music experience necessary!

You can purchase tickets in advance for $10 online or for $15 at the door. The family rate is $45 day of show and babies are free.


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