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Blogging From: Westchester County, New York

Also known as GEM, Good Enough Mother is a great source for the “mother’s” mom. Founder and blogger Rene Syler has built a steady following as “the leading expert in the non-expert movement,” focusing articles and expertise on a more laid back approach to parenting. Her fun and innovative site has even garnered the attention of Anderson Cooper, who has featured Rene on his show to talk about a plethora of parenting techniques, none of which she’ll declare as the right way.

Rene’s words encourage moms to indulge in a quality me-time, and slough off the nit picking when it comes to raising your kids. While it’s important to be on the front lines of your kid’s lives, Good Enough Mother gives parents the go-ahead for making breakfast for dinner and letting your kids mismatch their clothes paramount ideals in a world of too-harsh judgment.

The site is an information treasure chest, but not just in terms of quantity. Good Enough Mother is definitely well-stocked in the article department and meticulously maintained, pressing out fresh posts daily, but it’s the valuable content that really counts for GEM’s readers. Guest bloggers sound off in a section called “Life Lessons,” bringing a community vibe to the mix for mothers, reminding them that being “Good Enough” is great and no one’s going through motherhood alone.

Another striking asset is Rene’s accessibility to her readers, most explicitly found in her “Ask Rene” postings. Some bloggers blog as a springboard to get their ideas heard, often boxing out readers who don’t share similar opinions. Rene’s refreshing take that every parent’s style is to be respected, even commended offers another reason why GEM is so well-read. She loves to get active with her readers about everything from health issues, parenting anecdotes and sharing the “10 From Gem,” a play on the ten commandments that mix humor and wisdom to lead to a happier mom community. -- Melanie Baker

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