On The Blogroll: Her Bad Mother

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Blogging From: New York, New York

Although the author makes a hilarious self-deprecating joke via the title of her blog, Her Bad Mother founder and mom Catherine seems to be a pretty great mother. Hailing originally from Canada and now NYC, Catherine is an active working mom who always manages to find time for her two munchkins. Since 2006 the blog has evolved and her post archive is pretty massive, posting more than multiple times a month. Most posts focus on Catherine and her two children, but also her individual growth as a mother, recognizing opportunity and excitement don’t have to end with childbirth.

Catherine is a wonderful documentarian of her kid’s lives, often lovingly exploiting them through adorable photos in her “Instagrammatica” section and smattered throughout blog postings. Her popularity in the blogosphere has even led to involvement at TEDWomen, an impressive conference held in DC.  Catherine’s voice is that of an empowered mother but she can easily mix in a little humor and sarcasm, which are definitely all part of the mom job description.

Certain popular posts are just downright ridiculous and funny, most specifically “Twelve Reasons Why Santa Might Be A Vampire, And Why That’s Kind of Awesome,” which tackles…well, holiday myths and how they pertain to pop culture and of course your kids! Other popular articles dig a little further under the surface of life as a mom, as featured in “Bad Mother Is As Bad Mother Does,” as Catherine struggles to overcome a week of anxiety and depression (very real emotions) and still be her kid’s biggest champion.

Catherine seems to be in the Her Bad Mother business for the long haul, or until her kids figure out all the adorable things she’s been blogging about them. Before that time comes, Her Bad Mother is a great resource filled with intelligent and true-to-life commentary on raising a family. -- Melanie Baker


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