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Blogging From: New York, New York

Parentry just underwent a little reconstructive surgery, in the form of a new name. While "Parentry" is a bit of a departure from the old "Parentlode," we’re confident that the amazing content will remain the same and even continue to improve. Parentry comes to the blog world from the trustworthy hands over at Huffington Post. They’re the whiz kids of original content that’s accessible, approachable and pushing the envelope. You can find all of those amazing qualities on their parenting blog, making it a comprehensive and fantastic resource for all parents. 

It’s currently monitored and headed by Lisa Belkin, a senior columnist at HuffPost focusing on “Life/Work/Family.” The blog is updated multiple times a day with relevant articles covering sibling rivalry, serious issues like Down Syndrome, testy toddlers, communicating with your kids, family vacations, even stories of celebrity parents. A refreshing twist is the target audience, as the blog posts about parenting high school and college students almost as equally as young children and posts geared towards the parenting learning curve.

User comments on articles are a big deal over at HuffPost; they like to keep the conversation going, making the blog user-friendly to promote a community conversation through their Beta program “HuffPost Social News.” This might dispel any wary readers who are loyal to independent and smaller blogging sites where the community seems tighter knit. At Parentry, you get the best of both worlds while learning and being entertained with innovative article ideas (some fine examples: “Have Toy Companies Gone Too Far In Marketing To Girls?” and “The Year of the Dad?”).

A real advantage is the blending of major HuffPost news stories and the parenting world, as highlighted in an article discussing scandalous sexual abuse stories like Penn State and Syracuse and how better parenting can prevent future events from occurring in the world. Clearly not as lighthearted as a majority of the mommy blogs out there, HuffPost doesn’t mind getting its hands dirty when it comes to the parenting world. In fact, why should they? Parenting is pretty messy too, but equally rewarding. -- Melanie Baker


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