On The Blogroll: Mama Bird Diaries

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Blogging From: New York, New York

Run by a handful of amusing mamas, Mama Bird Diaries offers up a little bit of everything – part mommyhood blog, part amazing product suggestions and part light humor is enough to keep most readers occupied for at least the length of your little one’s nap time; fingers crossed it’s a long one.

Head Mama Bird Kelcey is one of the most refreshing, modern mom voices you can get at any blog (first tip off: she legally changed her daughter’s name to Summer at 9 months old because she just didn’t look like a ‘Presley’ anymore). She takes on double, make that triple duty running both Mama Bird Diaries, co-founded The Mouthy Housewives and wears a proud mom hat to Dylan, Summer and new twins Chase and Harlowe. It seems like the movie “I Don’t Know How She Does It” was made for Kelcey!

No matter how busy or stressful a life in NYC and four children might sound, Kelcey seems to do it with unparalleled humor and grace that serves as a wonderful motivational tool to the mom community. Her hubby seems to be just as smitten with daddyhood and their kiddy clan too, making for a charming chronicle of a family loving and appreciating the phenomenal opportunities for raising children in New York.

Kelcey hands the blog pen over to other great moms too to switch up the perspective and bring multiple voices to the momversation on Mama Bird Diaries. Contributing posts include titles like, “Ode to the Middle Child,” “Taking Time For Myself? No Sweat,” and the more philosophical musing, “The Secret of Happiness.” The myriad of families, pictures and mom tales seek to connect moms from around the country to share their own Mama Bird Diaries. The dialogue is so casual and friendly, it comes as a surprise that this community of moms doesn’t actually hang out on a daily basis.

Mama Bird Diaries is a sweet, little nest of sharp-witted loving mamas who you will definitely love too. -- Melanie Baker

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