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Blogging From: Brooklyn, NY and beyond

Every once in awhile, the going gets tough—and I mean really tough, like kids-screaming-in-your-ears-making-them-bleed-after-a -terrible-day-of-work tough; and, what can you do but sit back and cry and pity yourself?  Well, there is something.  Momasphere, a sophisticated blog for moms founded by two professionals with more than 20 years of experience in their field—Melissa Lopata and Ellen Bari—was created to help businesses reach mothers of every age by offering consulting, marketing, and event planning  assistance for specific events. Most importantly, however, Ellen and Melissa created Momasphere to provide mothers with the opportunity to participate in these events so that they might enhance their lives and yes, sometimes even get away for a bit and “rediscover themselves.”

Each post written in Momasphere adds to the blog’s ambiance which is one that is creative, informational, and personal. The Momasphere team focuses on experience, and makes sure to include you on their personal journeys throughout their own lives as well as others they’ve come into contact with or have done research on. Whether Ellen is telling you about the new book she wrote “Jumping Jenny,” or Melissa is telling you about how she left the big bad city to become a country-loving mom, the two make sure you as the reader get the information you are looking for.  For more information about their blog and events, visit Momasphere. -- Holly Tucker


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