On The Blogroll: Momma's Gone City

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Blogging From: New York, New York

Wrapped up in a sweet, aesthetically pleasing little bow is a true find in the Mommy blogosphere. Momma’s Gone City initially started as an intimate project from founder Jessica Shyba to journal New York City life with her children (for the benefit of family they left behind in California in a courageous move). Currently the blog is blossoming a popular portal for mommy advice, precious chronicles of Shyba’s children as they conquer the concrete jungle from dance lessons and karate and finding the happy medium between mommyhood and staying self-fulfilled.

A tale of tackling two children in New York seems entertaining enough to track on your blogroll, but Shyba’s recent joy, a third child, has her posts and adventures taking on a whole new set of challenges and triumphs. At the essence of Momma’s Gone City is Shyba’s own appreciation for the little things as she witnesses her children grow and change. It’s a valuable lesson to all of her readers that provides a sense of joy. Most posts are accompanied with adorable photosets of her little ones that can make any heart warm.

Though a lot of topics are cheery, Shyba also tackles struggles like nut allergies, asthma, and planning a day filled with conflicting schedules that seems nearly impossible. The light at the end of the tunnel is that Jessica always seems to get it done, and always with a fabulous smile. The true upside to Momma’s Gone City is the passion Jessica has for being a mom. It unintentionally inspires other moms to feel equally as involved and blessed with their children, no matter what life or the tribulations of city life may bring. Bonus points go to the marvelous giveaways that pop up every now and then in new posts. Be sure to check Momma’s Gone City often! -- Melanie Baker


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