On The Blogroll: Moms in Weston

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Blogging From: Fairfield County, Connecticut

Moms in Weston is a great hyperlocal resource for moms (dads included) in Weston, CT. It’s less of a narrative or advice blog, with more heavy focus on community events, activities, and relevant news for Weston parents and their kids. As the group expands, Weston Moms hope to engage in in-person meet-ups to strengthen the “mommunity.” Their Mom Motivation Workshops are a fantastic asset– a recurring series of gatherings that deal with a number of situations from surviving a trip to Disney World to children’s allergies. The goal is multifaceted as the workshops serve to give moms more experience, knowledge, comfort, and yes, motivation in the workshop’s specified field. They switch up each month with quite varying topics.

The site also functions similar to a parental Patch for Weston, featuring great listings on general Weston info, recommended doctors, the best restaurants and recreational programs in town for your kids. The blog also focuses strongly on activities just for the parents with their series of “Mom’s Night Out” outings around town at various restaurants. But don’t worry, there’s time for the little ones and the dads too during their occasional “Family Night Out” and community picnics. Moms in Weston also showcase a massive blogroll of links on parenting, blogs for other moms in Connecticut and useful links pertaining to the Weston area.

Moms in Weston are very open to input from fellow parents in the community as they open up events message boards to future suggestions. If parents are intrigued enough by a proposed idea, they can volunteer to host the event to gather the community and kids closer with safe and fun activities that might even turn into a recurring Moms in Weston calendar spot. If you need any inspiration to get out for some fun and exciting plans in Weston, Moms in Weston is the perfect solution for you and your kids. -- Melanie Baker


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