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Blogging From: Nassau County

The tagline says it all, “For moms with more life experience than baby experience.” There’s certainly nothing wrong with that, in fact, that mantra is embraced at this mom blog. Motherhood Later is a specialized blog and community for women who become mothers after age 35. While not being exclusive, Motherhood Later is truly tailored to fit the needs, concerns and stories of a certain demographic of mothers going through similar experiences with their pregnancies, careers and family lives. The staff at Motherhood Later has grown significantly since its launch, providing readers with multiple viewpoints that might relate to them. Blog postings are written to help inform and educate women who might have put careers and other life plans ahead of having a child, without scrutinizing that choice and helping their community be the best mothers they can be.

Other great sources on the site include a steadily updated listing of news stories involving women having successful pregnancies later in life, whether it involves famous celebrities or a successful groundbreaking In-Vitro fertilization.  The sheer mass of news listings provided is enough to make any mother 35 and up feel less alone as they navigate motherhood with a mature mindset.

Each month readers can explore the profile of a mom-of-the-month, as well as easily access chapter leaders across the United States. That’s right, actual chapters to get involved in! If you’re a “later” mom and more interested in gaining advice from other mom comrades in person, Motherhood Later makes it easier than pie to get involved. Not only is the online community comprehensive, the founders recognize the importance of mom-to-mom friendship and advice.

Swapping useful stories and creating a bond for “later” moms is the real focus of Motherhood Later, and their expertise seems to really give the demographic a caring and fulfilling platform to grow and learn from. -- Melanie Baker


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