On The Blogroll: My Adventures in Mommyland

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Blogging From: Fairfield County, Connecticut

My Adventures in Mommyland is the up and down adventure of a recently single mom raising her beautiful daughter in Connecticut by way of NYC to be around family. While her precious tot Emma was unexpected, she’s embraced mommyhood and attempts to learn something new each day and appreciate the special bond she has with her daughter. (Single)Mommy, the founder’s web alias admits she used to be a wild and crazy party girl, living large and loud in the NYC. Of course, little peanut Emma has changed everything for (Single)Mommy but she’s taking it in stride, the good days and the bad and revealing all to her readers.

Most days (Single)Mommy’s adventures include part time work at an elementary school as she works towards her masters degree in occupational therapy. It’s clear that even if Emma came a little sooner than expected, (Single)Mommy wanted to be around kids and care for them in some capacity. Lucky Emma! (Single)Mommy’s time with Emma involves endless dancing, finger painting and enjoying girl time in the suburbs. Some days, the adventures lead the blog to tackle more serious issues like contemplating the downsides of single parenting and whether the move from NYC to Connecticut was the right choice. Somehow, (Single)Mommy always finds clarity and comfort knowing her choices will make Emma the happiest little girl she can be.

While (Single)Mommy’s blog can run the emotional gamut, she writes with a voice and has a story that many women can associate with. So many of the mommy blogs out there depict a fairy tale of wedded bliss and kids who can seemingly do no wrong. My Adventures in Mommyland gets down to the nitty gritty of single mommyhood, the confusion and tribulations it can cause when raising a child but also finding the importance in focusing on the parent-child relationship that exists and keeps growing each day. Emma is (Single)Mommy’s light at the end of the tunnel. If she keeps that attitude her Adventures in Mommyland seem pretty bright. --Melanie Baker


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