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Blogging From: New York, New York

NYCity Mama isn’t your run-of-the-mill mommy blog. Mom-in-Chief Carol Cain loves being a mom in one of the greatest cities on earth and she loves the food and culture of New York City just as much. So, combine mommyhood, fantastic travel tips and delectable cuisine choices and you’ve got NYCity Mama! Although based in New York, Carol doesn’t shy from big travel opportunities as well, bringing her kids and readers along for the ride through captivating travel videos, giving a mommy perspective of NYC vs. the rest of America. 

Readers will instantly get the feeling that NYCity Mama doesn’t stick to the typical blog mode. Instead, she offers her audience a fully fleshed-out guide to the city from her trustworthy perspective, dividing posts by “Latest Adventure,” “Good Eats,” “Museums/Science Centers/Tours,” “Performance/Events/Charities,” “Hotels/Camp Sites/Resorts,” “Travel Photography,” “Deals and Specials,” “Editorials,” “Aquariums/Parks/Zoos,” and “Health and Beauty.” As an essential treasure chest of assets, it’s impossible to come away from NYCity Mama without a few handfuls of great ideas.  Carol also reflects on bits of inspiration or happiness she comes across that she can’t help but share with her fellow mom community. Her all-inclusive and impressively thorough style has even attracted the attention of top blog ratings sites and an interview spot on NBC!

NYCity Mama not only dishes out what’s trendy or upcoming, but gives her (and her kids’) stamp of approval by visiting events, trying products and tasting from the restaurants she blogs about. It’s an extra touch that lets other moms know that a well-trusted mama advocate is giving her thumbs up. Her kids’ approval will go a long way with your own little ones too. Carol’s musings at NYCity Mama are guaranteed to offer positive advice, an imaginative and current calendar of wonderful kid-friendly events and happy, full stomachs from scrumptious NYC treats. There’s nothing to lose and everything to gain when you visit this fantastic site! -- Melanie Baker


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