On The Blogroll: The Happiness Project

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Blogging From: New York, New York

The pursuit of happiness is a far fetched idea for some and a popular movie title starring Will Smith for others. But for New York Times bestselling author Gretchen Rubin, her pursuit started over a year ago with The Happiness Project, and her commitment continues. The Happiness Project is Gretchen’s account of the year she spent test-driving different theories on happiness; her blog of the same name delves into her daily happiness adventures.

Her self-help-esque blog has sparked a worldwide happiness movement. How often do you really sit down and contemplate happiness? Gretchen provides serious food for thought in her daily blog posts: sometimes quotes, other times resolutions and always thought-provoking

Some of her weekly fan favorites are the Pigeon of Discontent, a video of Gretchen addressing those little hiccups that prevent finding the ‘Bluebird of Happiness’; Quiz/Tip/List Wednesdays; and “happiness interviews,” where other authors, bloggers and the like weigh in. A Moment of Happiness can be sent to your inbox every morning, helping readers to start their day of on the right note.

Gretchen’s upbeat tone can brighten any reader’s day, so who better to blog almost exclusively about happiness. Her simple strategies stretch to all walks of life because happiness knows no audience. Gretchen appeals to all ages and situations, anyone looking to improve their outlook. True happiness can be an obscure notion, but Gretchen and her blog are here to define it and help you reach it.


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