On The Blogroll: The Moms

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Blogging From: New York, New York

The Moms, aka Denise Albert and Melissa Gerstein are building a mom empire. These media savvy mom mavens are blowing up the web scene with their mom blog, The Moms, from “in the trenches." The blog features daily stories and happenings in busy NYC motherhood. Their posts appeal to both moms who love reading about kids and sweet tales of mommyhood but they also to the moms who are trying to hold onto their independence while staying completely fabulous all while raising their kids. 

While the blog itself is fresh, intelligent and an unbeatable source material, Denise and Melissa’s popularity has vastly expanded. Both moms can be seen on the NBC show Moms and the City…and a Dad named David. Which David you might ask? Oh, only the famous NBC anchor David Ushery! That’s right, these two self-starter moms have climbed all the way up the media totem pole to NBC studios.

Bloggers, TV mom experts and even media collaborators, Denise and Melissa are building incredible relationships with other prominent media moms to bring you more than just great mom advice. In February, “The Moms” will join forces with the media mom team from Getting Gorgeous and Mom-entum as well as the director of fashion at NYC’s Lincoln Center to bring you “Strut – The Fashionable Mom Show.” It’s important to Denise and Melissa to remind moms that fashion doesn’t have to take a backseat even when you’re toting a few kids around. The fashion show will feature real and celebrity moms strutting their oh-so-fabulous selves in conjunction with Mercedes-Benz fashion week. To keep it media conscious and deliver the entertainment to all moms, the fashion show will be live streamed from Lincoln Center and The Moms will host an all-out Twitter Party for you to get your hashtag on after the show. Even better, all of the fashion you see will be from accessible and well-known designers that all trendy moms love!

It really comes down to this, connect with The Moms and you’ll be in the know. Whether you read the up-to-the-minute blog, get the latest dish from their NBC spot or tune in to be fashionably inspired by other great moms, Denise and Melissa are quickly climbing the ranks in the mommy blog world. Mommyhood is not just for sweatpants and minivans anymore, ladies! --Melanie Baker


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