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Blogging From: Westchester County, New York

A lot of New York girls in their pre-married lives are more married to the city than any real notion of marriage or a husband. They thrive on the loaded workweek, drinks out with the girls, the unbeatable nightlife and yes, even the tumultuous and unfortunately addicting dating scene. For Sarah O’Grady, here’s the equation: Girl = single, successful and completely NYC-centric (aka never leaving this beautiful, bustling metropolis). Then girl + boy = marriage and marriage = …well, here’s the snag, marriage = a complete life change and move to play house in Suburbia, leaving the fabulous and glamorous city life behind. Rounding off that equation, we get to Suburbia = baby! In her blog, Westchester Life, O’Grady attempts to make peace with the change with husband and baby by her side, and hopefully not too much moving remorse.

Sarah started the blog in 2005 to humorously cope with her new surroundings. While she “loved the space, the fresh air and having a car. I did not love the pretension, or the lack of conversation,” and thus Westchester Life was born. The gift of gab comes easily to Sarah, who spent her early career as a writer and marketing guru. The posts on Westchester Life are timely, intelligent and definitely pack a punch with the laugh factor.

At Westchester Life, Sarah and her husband strive to find an equally thrilling suburban nightlife, culture and activities to cope with the separation anxiety from the city. They tumble through Farmer’s Markets, adventures as epicurian foodies and yes, pretty cool parents too. It’s exciting to see Sarah adapt to her surroundings and become an active member of the community, embracing the change more than resenting it. There are, of course, posts where the only thing on her mind is the city and a twinge of mover’s regret. Readers know that if anyone can make the suburbs exciting and extraordinary, it’s Sarah O’Grady. Check Westchester Life often for the amusing, expat, new mom tales of a captivating writer who knows exactly what every new suburbanite is thinking. --Melanie Baker

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