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June 2012 Table of Contents

The June 2012 Summer Activities issue by NYMetroParents features articles on how to cure the summer school blues, a summer guide to fun, tips for calming anxious kids who will go to camp for the firs time, and also an idea on how to honor Dad on Father's Day. Also find a complete list of amusement parks in the New York metro area.

Our June 2012 stories share tips on how to get kids psyched about summer school, highlights ways to honor Dad this Father's Day, provides a summer guide to fun, including how to build a better sand castle, and also reveals how to provide help for anxious kids at camp.


Green Chimneys FarmFamily Outing: Green Chimneys Farm & Wildlife Center
Home to nearly 300 animals and birds and several barns and stables, riding rings, trails, a greenhouse, and a children’s garden, it offers educational and recreational activities for families, a nature-based summer camp for kids, and public swim and learn-to-swim programs...

Disney's Newsies in NYC
Theater: Disney's 'Newsies'
Whoa baby, this big-budget open-ended run is nothing short of a high-octane bundle of crowd-pleasing charisma that has kids as young as 7 and 8 mesmerized—not only to the show-stopping singing and dancing, but to...

Amusement Parks in the NY AreaWhere To: Amusement Parks
Zoom over thrilling rollercoasters, plunge into the splashy waters on a log flume adventure, and win fun prizes at the ring toss booth. Our guide to amusement parks covers all the excitement your family needs this summer all within reach of the New York Metro area...


Boy and Dog on FloorHow to Safely Integrate a Dog into a Growing Family
After the birth of our first child, our large and loving canine friend was dethroned. We originally underestimated the changes that our dog would face in the subsequent months and years of becoming parents. In retrospect, it may have been easier to...

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Father's Day Special: Memories of Dad

Taylor Jones came across an image of his brother sitting at that very table, lifted up the photo, and snapped a picture of the picture. He’d stumbled upon a unique way to link past and present—one that thousands of individuals have...

Summer Fun Guide!

Expert Tips: Build a Better Sandcastle

Indoor Summer Activities for Your Kids

Where-To: Go Fishing

Keeping Cool with Cold, Healthy Treats

Ask the Experts: Sunscreens

3 Great NYC-Area Cruises

Boy Reading BookEducation
Curing the Summer School Blues
Could mobile app games effectively simulate real-world problems that secretly require the application of skills and knowledge taught in school? Could a playful app promote inquiry-based learning?

Barbie Weight LossHealth
Diagnosis: Diabulimia
Maryjeanne Hunt was 10 years old when she developed Type 1 diabetes and 14 when she stumbled upon the practice of skipping insulin to lose weight...

May 2012 quotablesQuotables
Thirsty, Thirsty Kids, Overwhelmed by Spilt Juice, & a Truly Admirable Kid
“I think what gets me the most is that I feel guilty over feeling angry about the children that I love more than life itself. How can so many emotions coexist and be so...

Summer Camp AnxietySpecial Needs
Help for Anxious Kids at Camp
How do you know if your child’s case of pre-camp nerves is in the typical range, or something problematic? You might be concerned if she demonstrates physical symptoms of fear...

Spotlight On NYC Dads GroupSportlight On
Lance Somerfeld of NYC Dads Group
Lance Somerfeld, founder of NYC Dads Group, has a theory about dads: “Dads don’t like to ask for directions, and they don’t like to read manuals!” That mentality carries over when...

Stuff We Like June 2012Stuff We Like
The Eyes Have It
With summer on the horizon, it’s time to upgrade your eyewear. Check out our picks in the glasses department — including trendy sunglasses, sports glasses, and eyeglasses for you and your little ones.

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