Nanny Hiring Resources in Queens


If you're looking to hire a nanny in Queens, consult our list of hiring resources and placement agencies.


A Choice Nanny

(212) 246-5437

Placement fee: Depends on program and service

Emergency daycare: Temporary back-up care is available.

Other services: Share-A-NannyTM, NaniTempTM, Nubaby CareTM,TutorCareTM (after-school care), evening/weekend care, summer care, corporate care


ABC Nanny Source

(212) 755-0080

Placement fee: 12% of annual gross salary (full time); 14% (part time); $850 flat fee for June-August temporary; $150 registration fee

Emergency daycare: Temporary nannies

Other services: Overnight infant care


eNanny Source

Fees: Packages $49-$119; free trial available. Search or post a job and have the nannies contact you.


Ilana's Agency

 (718) 575-1700

Placement fee: $100 membership fee for unlimited search; no referral fee

Emergency daycare: Not available

Other services: 24-hour certified baby nurses, housekeepers, personal care assistants


Queens Courier

$45-$300 for a classified ad



Also see our list of drop-in day care options in Queens.