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New & Noteworthy June 2007

JUNE 2007


Shady Day is great for airline travel; Sun Screen Wipes 30 and Face Stick 30 can be packed in your carry-on luggage; they also transport well in diaper bags.  Shady Day Daily Sun Protection Wipes 30 ($14 for 15 wipes) and Face Stick 30 ($9) are available at Saks Fifth Avenue, Ricky's or at

Mustela's new 'Sun Protection' line has mineral, not chemical filters, to protect against UVA and UVB rays; both high protection sun lotion SPF 50 ($14.95) and sun cream for sensitive areas SPF 50 ($9.95) are hypoallergenic, fragrance-free and water-resistant. At Buy Buy Baby, Babies R Us or

Kimberley Sayer of London also has a non-chemical organic 'family' sunblock; it's SPF 25 that soothes as it protects, with chamomile, green tea extracts and cocoa butter, $19.95 at Whole Foods or

If you're not sure how sunny it is, Huggies has LITTLE SWIMMERS Sun Sensors that change color to let you know when to reapply sunscreen.  A pack of 24 is about $3.49 at drugstores. (6/07)

   Get DEET-free bug repellant with BugBand, a natural repellant derived from geranium oil. Their wristbands ($4.95), spray ($6.95) and wipes ($11.95 for a pack of 40), repel mosquitoes, flies, fleas and gnats, among other pests.  At Target and  Buzz Off clothing has repellant and SPF 30 built in. Hats, socks, shirts and pants are all treated with an odorless repellant that keeps mosquitoes, ticks, chiggers, no-see-ums, and flies away. (6/07)

   When kids are hurt, they often get scared as well.  The Boo-Boo Care first aid kit has Boo-Boo Juice, a non-stinging gentle antiseptic foam; colorful bandages; and a plastic stethoscope so the child can play doctor while his parents nurse his wounds.  The complete kit, $24.95, also includes 'magic' splinter remover and gel burn lotion, burn gel and cold pack, and 'sympathy stickers' so everyone will know to treat the young patient carefully.  For ages 1-9, at Target and  Items are also sold separately. (6/07)


When your kids are potty trained, you no longer have that handy zippered part of a diaper bag, essential when you're heading to the beach or pool. Mini Me BabyGear has new wet bags called Wet Happened? The lined bags stay dry on the outside, and come in eye-popping designs.  They're washable and can even be used for dirty diapers. $15.95 for a medium bag; the $19.95 large bag holds the whole family's wet suits - or your sweaty gym clothes. (6/07)


   You need to entertain the kids when you eat out. The new Fun A Go Go Dines Out, created by a New York mom, is a reusable drawing board that comes with a dry erase marker, felt eraser and activity suggestions that can involve the whole family.  The creator's kids, Will and Olivia Knowlton, 6 and 8, are pictured. The board is $7.99 at (6/07)

   Now sporty girls can dress their dolls accordingly - in new shoes for both girls and dolls by Adidas.  The MyScene dolls ($9.99 each) come outfitted for yoga, tennis or skateboarding; the sneakers, for sizes 10.5-7, retail for $39.99.  Sneakers at  Adidas stores, dolls at K-Mart and Target. (6/07)

   Many parents have switched to organic baby shampoos and body washes; now kids can dry off after a bath with organic cotton towels from Brooklyn-based Kee-Ka.  The company, which also makes baby and toddler organic clothing, has incredibly soft and richly colored hooded towels, $50 at Modern Tots or at  (6/07)

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