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New & Noteworthy March 2007

Babies can sleep anywhere, but if you want yours to get used to sleeping in a bed, the new Infant Travel Bed is light and easy to set up.  Since the padded side panels can be wiped down, and the sheets are washable, the bed can also serve as a movable changing station.  From Graco,, $49.99 at Babies R Us. (3/07)

You can create vacuum seals on leftovers with the VacuWare Fresh Food System, a vacuum sealer that can be used to keep strawberries a few extra days, or lets you cook on the weekend for quicker weekday meals.  The system comes with electric and hand pumps, special containers that can go from freezer to microwave to dishwasher, and universal lids that can 'reseal' opened jars.  There are also pouches for the freezer.  A basic kit is $159.96 at  For less expensive food storage, QuickSeals transforms ordinary bags into Ziploc-like bags; a 20-pack is $2.99 at (3/07)

If your kids are lactose intolerant or vegan, a new 'milk' made from hemp nuts might fill the glass.  Living Harvest Hempmilk, in original, vanilla or chocolate, can be drunk straight for the carton, or used in baking or over cereal.  Each
glass is rich in protein, iron, calcium, and Vitamin D, along with other vitamins and minerals.  And while not certified organic, the company practices 'sustainable farming' using no pesticides or herbicides.  At Whole Foods, or at; $3.99 for 32oz. carton. (3/07)

Chips will never win nutritional awards, but baked Flat Earth crisps actually have a half-serving of either fruit or vegetables.  Not only that, they are free of trans fat and are low in sodium.  Three veggie flavors — farmland cheddar,
tangy tomato ranch and garlic & herb field — each have 20 percent of the RDA of vitamin A, along with other vitamins and minerals.  The fruit varieties:  apple cinnamon grove, wild berry patch and peach mango paradise, are no substitute for whole fruit, but are an improvement over candy.  From Frito-Lay: $2.99, for a 6oz. bag. (3/07)

Nurse with ease when you wear Top Mommy's all-in-one T-shirt and nursing bra.  These shirts have built-in strapless bras that provide complete support, and the shirt panels offer coverage so moms can be discreet.  Top Mommy also has stretchy maternity shirts with built-in nursing bras so women can make it from pregnancy through weaning without constantly buying new clothes.  Shirts start at $39.80 at (3/07)

A new stroller system from the Netherlands transports kids in style — and comfort.  The Mutsy Urban Rider has interchangeable front wheels, with small, swivel wheels for roaming around the city, and or 'burbs, and large, pneumatic tires for all-terrain strolling.  The Urban Rider also comes with a bassinet for an infant and a seat (forward or rear facing); there is also a car seat adaptor. The frame can even accommodate a double seat for a second child. At Planet Kids or, $699. (3/07)


Thymes Sweetleaf Baby Blanket Wash tackles the challenge of cleaning a baby's delicate clothes and leaving them sweet smelling. Like all the products in the new collection, this gentle wash has chamomile and lavender, and is paraben-free.  Super-concentrated, so a little goes a long way, a 16oz. bottle is $16 at Pink on Palmer, Larchmont; at Zitomer Pharmacy in Manhattan; or at There is also a gentle body wash and a baby lotion. (3/07)

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