New Places and Programs for Families in Suffolk County, Long Island - January 2011


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CATZ sport performance center; adult fitness classLose Big to Win Big

Have you ever wanted to lose weight like the contestants on The Biggest Loser, but you're not exactly keen about stepping on the scale in front of millions of television viewers? This month, CATZ Sport Performance Center in Commack is offering a similar competition - the CATZ Adult Fitness Challenge­ - that allows members to participate in more comfortable surroundings.

During the 12-week program, members 16 years of age or older can compete against themselves and other participants, and the more weight/inches/body fat they lose, the more points they earn towards prizes. Three mandatory fitness tests to assess progress throughout the course of the program must be completed in order to gauge speed, strength, and endurance. Contestants will "weigh in" every week with CATZ's nutrition counselor; the better the results, the more points are accumulated.

"This is our third time doing this challenge in January," marketing manager Craig Mauro says. "People seem to respond really well after the holidays are over and can get back on a normal schedule." CATZ fitness is based on tailored programs to get members the results they want with a motivating, fun, and efficient workout, and each routine can be customized to individual fitness levels.

Those who sign up for the challenge will receive one week of nutrition sessions and a challenge t-shirt.

CATZ of Commack is located at 152 Veterans Memorial Highway. For more information on the CATZ Adult Fitness Challenge, call 631-486-8933 or e-mail staff at



Creative Arts & Expression; arts and crafts class, kidsCreating Together

Creative Arts & Expression, an integrative art therapy facility, is offering a brand new Mommy and Me Art program beginning this month. Children ages 2 to 4 years can experience a different kind of art class - they work side by side with their moms while focusing on the process of their artwork, rather than the end result. Mommy and Me Art offers classes in 6-week segments; open and ongoing enrollment is now available.

Owner and operator Susan Lau will be leading the lessons, as she is also an art educator and creative art therapist with experience working with young children. Lau says there are many benefits to art and art therapy for kids such as improving fine motor skills, socializing with others and being creative. The Mommy and Me Art class creates innovative thinkers, builds self-esteem and strengthens problem-solving skills. "I wanted my child to experience art at a young age," she says. "It helps with cognitive development and can help foster a child's possible life-long love and appreciation for art."

Mommy and Me Art classes will be at 565 Route 25A Studio E in Miller Place. For more information, call 631-525-1012, e-mail or visit

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