The Brooklyn Green School Opens in North Crown Heights

The Brooklyn Green School Opens in North Crown Heights

The new Brooklyn middle school aims to bring a progressive education with a focus on sustainability to the community.

The Brooklyn Green School is now enrolling in North Crown Heights. The Brooklyn middle school has an active-driven mission and will use an integrated curriculum that is focused on sustainability, including environmental issues and justice concerns.  The staff is committed to cultivating the joy of learning in every classroom, through a constructivist approach that values student agency, collaborative inquiry, project-based and service learning, community alliance, diversity, and social justice.

The Brooklyn Green School aims to encourage students to spend time investigating their community, their city, and their world. The staff believes in inquiry as a way for students to develop a deep understanding of their coursework and to foster awareness and connections to the world around them. The Brooklyn Green School will guide students to embrace their civic responsibility, show empathy, practice eco-consciousness and engage in service learning projects.

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The Brooklyn Green School will support students in discovering their untapped strength, inner grit and potential so that they are transformed into global citizens and activists with a personal commitment to learning, an expanding curiosity about the world, and appreciation for diversity. There are essential skills that all MS 898 graduates must possess: strong reading, coherent and clear writing, effective studying, sound reasoning, thoughtful questioning, and standing up for what they believe in.

The Brooklyn Green School
130 Rochester Ave Rm 204
North Crown Heights