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New Website Allows Families to Search for Housing Near NYC's Great Schools

www.schoolfisher.comIt's a lot easier to attend a high-achieving public school when you live in the vicinity. A new website allows parents of New York City's public school children to locate affordable housing near the city's outstanding public schools. A family that is willing to pull up stakes and move to where a good public school is can log onto, select their neighborhood of choice and how much they can afford on rent (the lowest is $800 for a one-bedroom; the highest is $3,800 for a three-bedroom). A map will appear pinpointing the top-scoring schools in the neighborhoods that match the desired price. The website was conceived by Eric Grannis, who is married to charter school big shot Eva Moskowitz. Grannis' mission, however, is not about charter schools. With, the weeks of grunt work to find affordable housing near a good school can be accomplished in minutes.


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