On The Blogroll: New York Dad

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Blogging from: Manhattan

His love for wristwatches is one example of where being a father is important. New York Dad blogger has countless watches that he loves and collecting them is sort of a past-time for him. In one blog, he reviews a new Timex and argues that he needs all that he can get because raising two boys makes just about everything of his fragile, including what’s on his wrist.

More than that, he admits to his readers the steps parents take in Extreme Urban Parenting, making their way through the concrete jungle full of boosted parent egos, rambunctious and growing children, and following the trends in the latest baby products. Despite all the chaos of fatherhood, he is more than open to his readers, inviting all to his virtual den to come hang out and perhaps make an attempt to escape from the realities of parenting.

As an urban father, he makes bold claims about city-related topics and it is clear he doesn’t shy away from voicing an opinion. Yet, a strong sense of humor ensures all fathers will be able to connect on some level with the tribulations of father-dom in the Big Apple. In one blog, he references Greek mythology by naming Sisyphus as the patron saint of parenthood and that it is important for parents to put a little skip in their step pushing that boulder up the mountain. — Gordon Rago