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Willan Academy of Music Children's Choir to Hold Auditions This Fall

Willan Academy of Music Children's Choir to Hold Auditions This Fall

Willan Academy of Music will be starting a chorus group for children this Fall in Midtown. All children who love singing are welcome to join the choir. Although no previous musical training is necessary, an audition is required to join in the choir. Auditions will be held on September 17 at 520 8th Avenue. Children must be age 6 or older. To sign up for the audition, please visit the Willan Academy of Music website. The choir rehearses at 6pm on Mondays at the rehearsal location.

Willan Academy believes that children learn best when they have fun and the choir classes are designed for children to enjoy every step of the learning experience. Over the course of the rehearsals, students will learn vocal technique, music theory and score reading through fun activities, games, and singing practices. In December, the choir will have a performance.

The chorus group is directed by Theodore Alvanos, an accomplished conductor. Alvanos has conducted Vocal Ensemble “Vita Musicale” for 6 years and “2ART Choir” for two years. Mr. Alvanos says,

“The choral music experience is considered one of the most efficient and productive methods to awaken and develop musical talent in a child," says Alvanos. "When I was 6 years old, I started my journey in choral life and have participated in numerous concerts, festivals, competitions and trips to various destinations since. As a result, I have acquired a great amount of musical knowledge and, moreover, I have gained strong bonds with people from all over the world. This long journey made me become a choir conductor and I am thrilled to share my wonderful experiences with young musicians."

Willan Academy has been offering private music lessons in New York for children from age 3 since 2015. It offers in-home lessons and in-studio lessons in piano, violin, guitar, voice and more. Its students have been selected to perform in the New York University Youth Music Festival.

For more information, please visit the Willan Academy Children's Choir website

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