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   No more excuses for ‘no more home-cooked meals’.  Busy parents can now go to Let’s Dish! in Scarsdale, and prepare meals on-site.

Different menus are pre-selected monthly and you can choose which meals you would like to come in and prepare.  All the ingredients are provided. You can choose 8 to 12 meals to make; 12 meals come to $3.05 per serving.  And in less than two hours, you have a week’s worth of healthy meals for your family. 

You can also choose to do a night out with friends by making a date for a Let’s Dish private party. “I did this with four friends and it was fabulous!  We had a fun Friday night out, and accomplished a meaningful task,” says one Westchester mother.  Too short on time? You can order from their menu and Let’s Dish chefs will prepare the meals and deliver them to you — courtesy of Dish-n-Dash.  You can also arrange a company cooking event.

Located in the Scarsdale Park Mall, 450 Central Park Avenue.  Visit or call (914) 722-MEAL (6325).

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