Parent Groups For Moms and Dads in Manhattan

Parent Groups For Moms and Dads in Manhattan


Finding other moms and dads in Manhattan to bond with is an invaluable way to deal with a challenging parenting situation. To ease your search for the perfect parent support group for you, we've gathered a list of NYC support groups for parents. Updated April 2015.


Brainy Activities

Brainy Activities lists classes on a variety of subjects including art, music, and sports, and parents vote for which ones they like best for their toddlers. Brainy Activities hires the appropriate teacher or coach for the most voted on classes. This system is cost-effective (classes are $10 or less) and is great for busy city parents because classes are sign-up-as-you-go.


Bronx and Westchester Moms Group

This group is for moms in the Bronx and Westchester NY who wish to communicate and meet other local moms.


Downtown NYC New Mom Group (Manhattan Mamas)

This weekly new mom meetup group organizes casual get-togethers for mothers to share experiences they are having with a new child. Whether it is over dinner and drinks or at a clothing swap, this group offers opportunities for new moms to meet and help one another in their journeys.


Free Events for Mom

Founded in 2010, this group posts events occurring around New York City that are free and great for moms (and the rest of the family). Whether it's free tickets to a show, a playgroup for children, or yoga on the beach, this group has plenty of fun and free events going on all year.


Holistic Moms Network: Manhattan Chapter

Our chapter is a diverse group of holistic moms and dads from across Manhattan welcoming all area moms (and dads) with an interest in holistic health and green living.


Mama Love: NYC Mom Volunteer Group

Mama Love is a mom volunteer group driven to support charities and organizations that serve mothers, children, and families (on a local, national, and global scale). Whether it is hosting an event to raise money for a charity or donating supplies, Mama Love is a diverse group serving all those in need.


Manhattan German Playgroup

For children ages newborn to 10 years, this group is for German speaking parents to bring their children to learn and listen to German. Members hosts meetups, which occur once or twice a week. No English allowed behind closed doors.


Manhattan Twins Club


The group’s mission is to support local families with multiples by providing support, community, and education. The group hosts regular events in the city, usually in the evenings so working parents can attend. These events vary from play dates to parent meet-ups. Members have the chance to exchange valuable tips, share parenting styles and perspectives, and support each other. Parents or guardians of twins, triplets, or other multiples who are based in the New York metro area are welcome.


Midtown Moms of Babies, Toddlers & Preschoolers

For parents and their children who live in, and want to meet other parents and children, in Midtown East and West, this meetup group offers plenty of activities for the family. With venues including parks, playrooms, and coffee shops, parents can choose from a wide variety of activities.


New York Stay At Home Moms

This meetup is for all moms to connect and have play dates with their children. The group provides support, socialization, and a fun safe place for children to interact with other kids. Members must attend at least one meet-up every two months to remain a member. 


New Mothers Upper Manhattan

For mothers who are looking to connect with other moms at the park, local restaurants, and other venues for play dates and conversations, while navigating the (sometimes bumpy) terrain of motherhood.


NYC Dads Group

The Mr. Mom era is sweeping the country. The number of stay-at-home dads has doubled in the past decade. Family norms are changing, gender roles are in full evolution, and fatherhood is becoming something completely new as more men choose their kids over work. That is exactly where NYC Dads Group comes in. Co-founder Lance Somerfeld (father of one) was tired of being the only father at the playground with his kid and so started this group to aggregate all those at-home fathers he knew were in the city. Today, the group is 600 daddies strong and meets frequently during the week for trips to parks, museums, or local watering holes for some drinks and pool (no kids allowed there, of course).

NYC Homeschool Lego Robotics Club

Do you homeschool your children? Do they love Legos? If so, this is the perfect group for you and your child. For ages newborn to 5 years, this group organizes Lego playgroups, and for ages 6-14, members create teams for children for the First Lego League and the Junior First Lego League. The group firmly believes that the added dimension of a Lego education is an advantage for children as they continue to learn and grow.


NYC Language Exposure Playdates

It functions just like any other mommy and baby meetup group, except its members teach each other new languages. This group utilizes the diversity of New York City by connecting mothers and their children of all types of backgrounds and cultures. Most importantly, children can become accustomed to new cultures and languages at the early stages of their lives.


NYC Vegetarian and Vegan Families

They are known as veg kids. They are the kids whose parents have raised them as vegetarians and vegans. And this is the group for all NYC families. Whether it is a potluck dinner, pizza party, or a soy and sake lunch, this group is perfect for all those moms and dads living in Manhattan raising their little veg kid.


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