Tutors, Test Prep, and Academic Enrichment Programs for Kids in Queens

Tutors, Test Prep, and Academic Enrichment Programs for Kids in Queens

Give your child the academic boost they need at one of these Queens tutors.

UPDATED February 2019: Children who are struggling in school can lose the motivation to try in specific subject areas, while other children need more challenging curriculum because they are in a gifted and talented program. Sometimes children who are doing fine in school want a little extra learning to get ahead in a subject, while other children just need help preparing for the SAT, ACT, Regents, or state exams. If your child falls into one of these categories, a tutoring program, academic enrichment program, or test prep program in Queens could be just right for you. So consult our comprehensive list of tutors, academic enrichment programs, gifted and talented programs, and test prep centers in Queens to find the perfect program for your child. These services are located in Fresh Meadows, Elmhurst, Auburndale, Floral Park, Bayside, and Forest Hills, as well as locations in Manhattan and on nearby Long Island.

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Ms. Vecchione, an experienced, NYC-licensed, substitute teacher specializing in ELA and Math prep offers personalized tutoring. Ms. Vecchione is a nurturing individual who gives undivided attention to students of all needs. Her goal is to get your student up to par in their studies and ready for the next level. She has experience working with children with special needs in all grades, and customizes materials and programs for gifted and talented students as well. She will tutor at your house any day of the week. Rates are reasonable. References available.

Village East Gifted of Huntington 33 Walt Whitman Road, Huntington Station
Village East Gifted of Roslyn
216 Willis Ave., Roslyn Heights

Email info@villageeastgifted.com

Village East Gifted® (VEG) offers a highly rigorous college preparatory program for gifted and talented students ages 2-16. Its curriculum prepares academically advanced students, from a very young age, for the Johns Hopkins CTY exam, SAT, ACT, early college admissions, and accelerated degree programs in Ivy League schools. Group and private classes are offered seven days a week providing accelerated instruction in advanced vocabulary enrichment, Latin, writing, global studies, world geography, study skills, STEAM, advanced linguistics, and creative problem solving. IQ scores of 130 or higher are required as well as teacher recommendations.

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