On The Blogroll: Raising Three Savvy Ladies

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Blogging From: Westchester, NY

Kerri, a New York mom who is Raising Three Savvy Ladies, uses herself as a guinea pig for all kinds of products and programs. The frequent giveaways alone are enough catch your eye but the content keeps you coming back for more. Fun for moms and kids alike; Kerri covers all her bases. With theatre reviews, education info from a teacher’s perspective, and a variety of beauty and health tips, she touches on a wide breadth of topics that cover her day-to-day activities in an interesting fashion.

Also a budding fashionista, Kerri is the perfect companion for anyone trying to expand their circle of knowledge and interest. One might wonder how she makes time for all of the fun things she does, but with a twitter breaching 5,000 followers, there is a way to try and keep up with this super mom.

What's extremely helpful is that she writes extensive reviews about products and services that are easily accessible for New Yorkers. It’s obvious she puts a lot of time and thought into each item she promotes and lucky for readers, she usually picks products or events that are flying a bit below the radar. Think of it like a public service announcement for things you'd benefit from in your day-to-day life. — Leeann Moreau