Tutors, Classes and Programs for Kids in Rockland County, NY

Tutors, Classes and Programs for Kids in Rockland County, NY


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UPDATED JULY 2015: Consult our listings for tutors, classes, and programs in Rockland County, NY. We offer a comprehensive group of tutors, academic centers, math tutors, writing and English tutors, foreign language study, homework help programs, and after-school enrichment programs to help your child excel in all school subjects. Preschool, elementary school, middle school, and high school students will benefit from our listings for the best tutors, classes and programs in Rockland County, NY.

110 Demarest Mill Road, West Nyack
Email bnormanbrs@gmail.com

Blue Rock School is the Lower Hudson Valley’s only progressive school, serving students in kindergarten-eighth grade. We offer a unique educational experience based on a hands-on and holistic approach that nurtures children's innate love of learning, enabling them to follow their own natural curiosity and develop as independent thinkers. At Blue Rock, class sizes are small and students engage in a challenging and creative academic curriculum, which is infused with the arts, nature, and play.

19 Orangetown Shopping Center, Orangeburg
Email greerlearning@gmail.com

The Greer Center for Learning is an elementary tutoring center working with children on kindergarten through sixth grade academic skills. We believe that all students are entitled to the best instruction possible. Each child is an individual with unique talents to be enriched, and various obstacles to overcome. Our goal is to instill a love of learning, teach academic literacy, and instruct for productive language and problem solving skills that children can use and build on throughout their entire academic careers.

Email prizeteacher@gmail.com

Ilene Weiss was a chairperson of the Committee of Special Education, and is a NYS-certified teacher with more than 30 years of experience working with children with disabilities. Ilene consults and advocates for parents of children with special needs, and tutors children who are struggling in reading and literacy using a multi-sensory approach. Ilene works with Fletcher's Place Reading Program to improve reading instruction and help struggling readers. Ilene has completed teacher trainings in NYC, Newark, NJ, and Miami, FL.

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