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Six Flags Great Adventure & Safari Will Open for the Season This Weekend

Six Flags Great Adventure & Safari Will Open for the Season This Weekend

Amusement park fans can dive into new attractions and promotions all month long.

Six Flags Great Adventure & Safari will open its gates on April 6 and 7, when thrill seekers can try out rides such as Kingda Ka, Zumanjoro: Drop of Doom, El Toro, JUSTICE LEAGUE Battle for Metropolis, and more. This Six Flags is unique because animal lovers can have the time of their lives at Camp Aventura hanging out with smaller animals, feed giraffes, and go on an off-road safari adventure. The world’s tallest pendulum ride, WONDER WOMAN Lasso of Truth, will open at the park later in the season with 17 stories of jaw-dropping speed and height.

On April 12, students can experience Exclusive Education day and see how classroom principles work in real life through Six Flags staff working in the field. During Spring Physics Day, students will be able to see and feel the principles of physics first hand. They can participate in various activities throughout the day helping them get excited about pursuing careers in the science field. Pre-registration may be required for activities.

During Biology Day, biology students can tour wildlife preserves with guides leading the way. Kids can interact with 1,200 animals from six continents, putting their skills to the test by working on the Biology Day workbook.

During Spring Break between April 19-28, students can conquer Kingda Ka, Nitro, Skyscreamer, and the safari off-road adventure instead of going to school. The park also offers many family friendly rides like SkyWay cable cars, Fender Benders bumper cars, the Carousel, and more. Boy Scouts can attend the 25th Annual Camporee from April 26-28 as well. All Scouts will receive limited edition patches for attending, be treated to a cyber security presentation, and be the first in line to experience JUSTICE LEAGUE: Battle for Metropolis and CYBORG Cyber Spin.

For more information on Six Flags Adventure & Safari special opening season events, email or visit

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