On The Blogroll: Smitten Kitchen

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Blogging from: Manhattan

Half food blog, half mom blog, Deb Perelman combines the best of both worlds into her popular site Smitten Kitchen, launched in 2006. Her adapted recipes span the food spectrum, and her user-friendly tabs make for easy access to seasonal recipes. Deb shows her love of food by providing recipes for every cuisine and every meal, although if you dig deep enough her favorites begin to surface. Her weekly posts are part recipe, part life update with more than a dash of humor, and pictures that leave your mouth watering and your stomach grumbling.

Deb provides tips, tricks, ways to serve, and her advice on each of the recipes she adapts. Readers can also see what recipes Deb posted that day the previous year and even the years before that, in case you’re looking for additional inspiration. Sometimes whimsical, sometimes inventive and always tasty, Deb’s recipes appeal to mothers looking for a weeknight meal, the seasoned food lover and everyone in between. Deb is partial to the homemade and has recipes for things like goldfish crackers, Poptarts, Oreos, and more. Humorous anecdotes of her toddler son are interspersed with all of her food whims, allowing a glimpse into what life is like in and out of her tiny Manhattan kitchen.

Stemming from this mom’s virtual kitchen operation is a tangible cookbook, ready to be splattered and battered in your own smitten kitchen. — Laura Brothers