On The Blogroll: Squashed Mom

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Blogging From: Manhattan, NY

Squashed Mom is a well-written blog featuring long-form pieces by a brutally honest mom of twins, Varda who was a former TV producer. Varda was raised in the Upper West Side, where she still remains, and revels in sharing the city she grew up in with her twins.

This isn’t one of the mommy blogs laden with recipes and do-it-yourself crafts, instead Varda tells a story. Pictures punctuate every few paragraphs in every post, and she rehashes conversations, so reading her blog is more like reading a chapter of a novel one each day. 

She talks about each struggle with her twins (one who has autism and the other who has ADD) or her aging mother’s battle with Alzheimer’s, in an honest, straightforward manner that is full of love. Plus there’s a balance with just as many updates about her elation at her sons' "I love you Mommy’s" or picture-heavy adventures to Comic Con. She explains her feelings in vivid detail and writes about her lows with the highs. Squashed Mom is a refreshing personal narrative that doesn’t sugarcoat either side of the emotional spectrum. — Leeann Moreau