Sugarland Express

While some kids dream of becoming astronauts or ballerinas, mine fantasize about being appointed Willy Wonka’s heir. So a trip to Dylan’s Candy Bar is almost educational. This bright and shiny shrine to all that is sweet gives you a sugar high from the moment you enter. If you like M & M’s, there are 21 colors; if you prefer gummy candy, they are available in every shape and flavor. Much of the candy is sold in bulk, so you can offer as small or large a treat as your dentist and nutritionist recommend.

If the candy area at FAO Schwarz comes to mind, it should; the co-owner, Jeff Rubin (with namesake Dylan Lauren, daughter of Ralph) designed FAO Schweetz. But that store distracts the serious candy lover with toys and games; Dylan’s is pure sugar.

The two-level store has one of the coolest staircases, with candy embedded under each translucent step. There is also a 10-foot chocolate bunny; and a Harry Potter area, where you can sample "Bertie’s Every Flavor Bean." It's likely that any sweet tooth can be accommodated here; there are over 5,000 choices.

While you can consume your candy on the spot, you can also head to the cafe, where there are baked treats and drinks. The ice creams and frozen yogurts of summer are giving way to candy-flavored hot chocolates; for a pure indulgence, you can dip into a fondue.

The store is also a tween and teen girl’s dream, with great goodie bag ideas and presents: there are candy-scented bubble baths, chocolate soaps and cotton candy candles. There are T-shirts, jewelry and body lotions as well.

Dylan’s even hosts birthday parties; as if kids weren’t sugared up enough at ordinary parties, they can now go straight to the source. The parties are designed for kids ages 3 and up, with cake, ice cream and instructors provided; parties for younger kids can also be arranged. The “arts and crafts” at Dylan’s parties involve cupcake or cookie decorating, chocolate painting and making candy jewelry. You can also have costumed characters like the "M & M" kids make an appearance.

Dylan’s is currently expanding, almost doubling its presence on East 60th Street. It will have an even bigger party room, in addition to a much bigger retail space. Dentists must be cackling with glee.



Where: 1011 Third Ave. at 60th Street When: Monday-Thursday, 11am-10pm; Friday and Saturday, 11am-midnight; Sunday, 11am-8pm For more info: Phone (646) 735-0078; website: