The Squeaky Kid Gets the Attention


Rebecca Kammerer from Parents "R" Talking and talks about treating siblings differently and paying special attention to your children's needs.

I have been noticing a pattern in our morning routines. Walter gets up at the crack of dawn and is ready to start his day. Depending on how early it is I will either lie down with him in his bed or cuddle with him on the couch. This has become our daily one-on-one time. Eventually Bella will come shuffling out of bed with her blanket in tow and sit down next to us. Often she seemed as if she was in a bad mood. She would vocalize this by exclaiming, "I am having a tough day."

As I was recently recounting this morning routine with a friend, it began to dawn on me that I was describing (passing judgment on) Walter as being needy and Bella as the more independent type. Then a memory popped into my head. There was a point in my teen years when my younger sister Tammy would get up early in the morning and sit with my mother while she was having her morning coffee. I remember being very jealous of this quality time that they shared.

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