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Does Your Child or Youth Have Special Health Care Needs?

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The Super Glider Bike Helps Those with Special Needs Learn to Ride

Glide Bikes' new Super Glider is specially designed to help older kids and adults with special needs learn to ride by first improving motor skills and balance.

Super Glider by Glide Bikes

The age-old saying is that you'll never forget how to ride a bike, and there's nothing quite like watching the glee on your child's face as he whizzes through the streets, pedaling as fast as his tiny legs can go.

Super Glider bike foldedGlide Bikes, a training bike with removable pedals that focuses on balance and steering first, makes learning how to ride two-wheelers easy for both children and adults with special needs on its newest bike: the Super Glider.

Five years in the making, the lightweight Super Glider is specially designed by Glide Bikes for older kids or adults who never learned to ride a bike, focusing on improving motor skills and balance before anything else. (Riders 5' to 6'2" tall; $289.99)


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