Top Billing - One-Ring Wonderment


Just when you thought you’d broken the kids of all those bad habits, along comes Cirque du Soleil’s new show, Corteo.

Jumping on the bed is done with expert precision by a troupe of young acrobats who play at naughty children, leaping and bounding between two ordinary-looking beds.Don’t try this at home — unless yours have built-in trampolines.

How about attempting a tightrope walk, upside down while carrying a candelabra?Or twirling around like mad, clutched to a chandelier.Definitely not to be attempted by amateurs!

Hula hoops are fun when your feet are on the ground. But Anastasia Bykovskaya takes this skill to new heights as she jiggles a dozen rings round her waist — while walking a tightrope.

All those lessons about being careful around ladders come crashing down as Uzeyer Novrusov climbs his, keeping it steady as it leans — in space.

Let’s try some human trapeze?The Corteo gang tosses one another from one high perch to the next — limb to limb, no swings in sight.

All this and so much more will knock your socks off in a show that’s pure and perfect entertainment.The amazingly talented performers of Cirque du Soleil manage to make their incredible feats look effortless, allowing for a visual performance feast that is the hallmark of the company

The surrealism and sensualism that is Cirque du Soleil is probably best enjoyed by ages 8 and up, although all ages are welcomed. Running time is 2 1/2 hours.Kids love the cleverest clowns on the circus circuit.And while they may miss live animals at first, they’ll be charmed by the humans delightfully hiding beneath horse heads and ends.


Where: ‘Corteo’ is playing under the Grand Chapiteau (their trademark blue-and-yellow Big Top) on Randall’s Island.

Getting there:Randall’s Island is accessible via the Triborough Bridge. Go to the circus website for travel directions. Allow yourself travel time.Once you drive onto Randall’s Island, it’s a half-hour in bumper-to-bumper traffic to reach the circus parking lot, and then to walk to the Big Top.Take umbrellas in inclement weather as this trek is all outdoors.And it’s a slow drive out at the end (but worth it)!

NY Waterway Ferries and special MTA buses are also providing event transportation. See the circus website for details.

When: Performances all days except Mondays.There are evening performances at 8pm; matinees on Fridays and Saturdays at 4pm; Sunday shows are at 1pm and 5pm.

How much: Tickets $60-$95 adults; $42-$66.50 children (ages 2 to 12). Students ages 13 and up, $54-$85.50 on weekdays. Tickets: 1-800-678-5440 and through the circus website.

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