On The Blogroll: Twinpossible

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Blogging from: Westchester, NY

Pregnancy and child-rearing can be a whirlwind of joys and struggles, highs and lows. Imagine all of the emotions multiplied by two. Twinpossible mom Shelly speaks up about the troubles and triumphs that inevitably come along with raising twins, everything that mommies deal with doubled. Fear not, she confirms. She also offers tip for mothers of singleton children. This comforting resource includes informative articles, parenting videos, fitness videos to reshape the postpartum body, and dieting tips. Twinpossible features freebies, coupons, photo contests, product reviews, and helpful tips to find all of the necessary baby gear. She also offers advice on essential topics: getting your child to sleep through the night, protecting your child and still allow them to grow, dealing with your teething baby, and the overwhelmingly frightening side of parenting.

From stretch marks and getting back in shape to feeding and coping, Twinpossible mommy covers it all. With a 14 year-old son, 5 year-old daughter, and twin baby girls, all of who were born naturally, she seems to have insight to every topic conceivable (no pun intended). She also experienced a miscarriage and the loss of her 10 year-old son. Her heartening support in grieving and advice for those learning how to cope will prove valuable to any parent suffering such tragedy. She blogs about her journey through resistance, depression, and finally hope, transparent and vulnerable to readers who are facing similar traumatic experiences. 

Twinpossible mom also opens up discussion forums for mothers to discuss topics that she says help her to “stay sane.” Sometimes you just need to discuss issues and ideas with another adult. This blogstress certainly does not mind confronting controversial issues and welcomes all mothers to add their two cents. — Kara Faulk