Vacation Contest Winners





And the Winners Are…

  How do you measure your success as a parent? We received so many thoughtful responses to this, our contest question, that it was difficult to select just three winners. But after carefully reading through all of the entries, we are happy to announce the following prizewinners. Congratulations to all!

   Here are selections of what they wrote.

Grand Prize

$1,000 Get Away Weekend in New England
Jana Lindberg, Mount Vernon, NY

   I definitely try not to measure my success as a parent by my children's behavior. If my children's behavior were the measure of my success, I would feel uncomfortable when they made a mistake (especially in public) and I would put too much pressure on them to be perfect all of the time.

   So what is my measure? I feel like I am doing a good job when I keep my cool in a tough parenting situation. I also consider the day a success if I am able to show my love to each of my children individually. (I have five children, so that can be a challenge!) But the most important measure of my success as a parent is the love I feel for my children. Some days (or weeks), motherhood feels like drudgery and each sacrifice feels painful. By contrast, when I am filled with love for my children, I serve them willingly. I feel less selfish. I am kinder, more patient, more fun. When I feel love for my children (even when they are behaving poorly), I know I am doing something right.


First Prize

Limousine ride and dinner for two at Ben Benson's Steakhouse in NYC
Aimée Margolis, NYC

   I measure my success as a parent when I walk into a room and my children smile into my eyes. When I am the first person they think of when they have a problem that needs to be solved or a wound that needs healing. When I am the parent they vote for when it's time to go on their school field trips or bring healthy snacks on snack day. I measure my success by these little things, which bring such happiness to my family and my community.


Second Prize

His and Her Watches
Tiffany Luther, North Babylon, NY

   I measure my success as a parent by watching my son be able to be independent and do things on his own, and by watching him take the lessons he has learned and use them. I also measure my success when I witness him being a loving child, giving kisses and hugs at any moment because he wants to. Another measure of my success as a parent is allowing my son to be the child he is and wants to be within the boundaries I've set, and seeing that he knows those boundaries.