Yahoo! Shine Revealed Findings of “Alcohol and America” Survey about Men and Women's Drinking Habits in Time for St. Patrick’s Day


SUNNYVALE, Calif.--(BUSINESSWIRE) - Just in time for St. Patrick's Day, Yahoo! Shine, one of the world's leading women's lifestyle websites, released the results of its "Alcohol and America" survey. The survey asked 2,000 Americans in-depth questions about drinking habits, favorite kinds of drinks/alcohol, and overall views of drinking, as well as differences between men and women's drinking habits. The results showed that, on average, adults consume seven alcoholic beverages per week, and while most adults are responsible about their drinking, one in three has experienced negative effects of drinking.

Who Are the Drinkers?

Interestingly, only one in four adults claims to have never gotten drunk, while on the other end of the spectrum, nearly two in three adults got drunk before they reached the legal drinking age. The average age both women and men had their first drink is 17. Men consume two more drinks on average than women per week. Men are also more likely to drink alone with 70 percent consuming two or more drinks when drinking alone.

When Are They Drinking?

The most popular American drinking holidays are:

1. New Year's Eve

2. Christmas

3. Fourth of July/Independence Day

4. St. Patrick's Day

5. Thanksgiving

The Gender Differences: Responsibility, Setting Limits and Drink of Choice

Women are more likely than men to drink responsibly and are more inclined to designate a sober driver. Women are also more likely not to allow themselves or friends to drive if they are over the limit. They are more careful than men to not get too drunk in front of co-workers or at office parties. Only 10 percent of women said they need alcohol to have a good time compared to 16 percent of men.

How Much Is Too Much?

The study confirmed that women consume more alcohol on the weekend than they do during the week, averaging about three beverages on the weekend. However, women ages 18-34 are just as likely as men to experience extremely negative effects from drinking like blacking out, vomiting, and getting their stomach pumped.

When asked how many drinks are excessive, 83 percent of adults said more than two drinks and 49 percent said more than five. When asked about going to work with a hangover, only 13 percent of women admitted to doing so compared to 21 percent of men.

What They're Drinking:

Female drinkers show stronger preferences for wine and champagne beverages compared to men who favor beer and spirits. When it comes to cocktails, women noted frozen margaritas are their favorite type of drink, while more men prefer beer based drinks, shots, and drinks on the rocks.

Drinking by the numbers:

Among all the adults surveyed, spirits are slightly more favored than beers, and red wine is the most popular drink overall.

Yahoo! Shine Alcohol & America Survey

Types of Alcohol



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Beer - Lagers




Beer - Ales




White Wine
















Any type of beer








Sparkling Wine




Beer - Cider












Any type of liqueurs




Any type of spirits




I don't drink at all