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Booked Parties Celebrates Local Young Entrepreneurs

Booked Parties Celebrates Local Young Entrepreneurs

The event features meet-and-greet opportunities with the young CEOs.

Booked Parties announced that in partnership with the Jefferson Valley Mall, it will be hosting a launch event promoting many of the area’s leading young entrepreneurs for the first ever “Mini Movers and Shakers” celebration. The event, which models a science fair format, will be held on Saturday, June 1 at the newly created “hub” in the Jefferson Valley Mall, from 12-3pm and allows visitors to learn about these new and emerging businesses and how they were started. It also gives the participants a chance to see the evolution from an idea to a brick and mortar store, in the redesigned Jefferson Valley Mall.

“We’ve seen a real transformation in the community, especially within the mall, which acts more like a community center for those around us, and by introducing these young and talented individuals, we can help connect them with the change agents in the area,” says Heather Novak, marketing director for the Jefferson Valley Mall. “We like to think that we are also ‘Movers and Shakers’ as a growing business in the area, making a positive impact and generating excitement for future growth.”

Speakers will include local jewelry designer Samantha Auburn Levine from Auburn Jewelry, who began designing jewelry in high school and is now being featured in JCrew, as well as Octavia Ford, currently the director of volunteer engagement & partnerships for the Girl Scouts Heart of the Hudson. Both speakers will share their experiences of entrepreneurship and the journey they’ve taken to become successful in their business careers.

“We are so excited to be part of this exciting event which allows some of the area’s brightest and most accomplished young entrepreneurs to share their stories and connect with others in the community,” said Meryl Lefkowitz, director of marketing and development for Booked Parties. “These young people are doing innovative things, perhaps motivated by the desire to make money or the goal of improving lives. They are inspiring individuals and it’s exciting to discover and share their experiences, which can motivate others.”

Booked Parties began spotlighting these young CEOs in its series “Mini Movers and Shakers” in 2018. The children range in age from kindergarten to 12th grade and are a creative and energetic group, from towns around Westchester, Connecticut, and New York City, who have become successful and savvy business owners, identifying niche business models. They have leveraged the power of social media to drive their brand recognition and business growth. The event will showcase these young individuals along with like-minded young entrepreneurs. Booked Parties invites supporting businesses and members of the community to come out to meet, greet, and hear from all of the amazing children who have been featured by Booked Parties over recent months.


Booked Parties
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